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Why I'm Rooting for Snapchat

Jeff Hall

Posted on March 6, 2017 11:34

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Some are saying Snapchat is the next Twitter (not a good thing) or maybe the next Facebook (much better). But the pundits often get it wrong. There is one big difference with these Snapchat guys.

I had the pleasure of meeting Evan Spiegel, Snapchat's CEO, a few years ago.  I was at a restaurant and I spied him from across the room. 

He had just recently turned down a $3 billion offer for Snapchat from Facebook and a $4 billion offer from Google. 

The whole world had decided he was crazy. 

I really admire this kind of crazy and I went over and introduced myself. 

I told Evan I was working on something called "THE LATEST" and that I'd like to come show it to him. 

Evan couldn't have been nicer and gave me his email address.

When I got back to my office, I told my student interns I had just met the CEO of Snapchat.  Suddenly I was very cool. 

One intern, Elise Rummens, from France, practically pushed me up against the wall and DEMANDED that we go visit Snapchat -- that this would make hers "the best internship EVER." 

I jotted off a quick email to Evan and asked if Elise and I could swing by.  A few days later, there we were. 

Evan asked Nick Bell, former digital guru from Fox (and who had been hired by Snapchat) to attend.  We exchanged a lot of ideas; we even discussed working together, but THE LATEST was too early in its development. 

The one thing I noticed — and haven't forgotten — was how determined Evan seemed. 

He was brash, clever, charming, decisive and supremely self-confident.  I instinctively knew this guy was going places (and that others would eagerly follow him). 

There are a few one-in-a-billion types who simply have to win. 

Think Steve Jobs.  Or Taylor Swift.  Or Mark Zuckerberg.  Or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Or Beyoncé.

Or Donald Trump, even. 

They aren’t always likable, but there is a “nothing is going to stop me” quality about them and they march to their own drummer, not so concerned about what others think. 

And the world, by and large, gets out of their way.

Conquerors simultaneously scare us and intrigue us.  This has always been true.

We root for their success on their way up — and often applaud when they later crash and burn in a spectacular fashion. 

But these conquerors wouldn’t have it any other way: Live by the sword, die by the sword. 

Those who face challenges early in life are often the ones most driven to overcome later.  But the media tells us Evan Spiegel grew up as a child of privilege.

If I get the chance to meet Evan again, I'd like to interview him for THE LATEST and explore the source of his drive.  

There’s something going on here that the press at large hasn’t yet pinned down.  Something is driving this guy. 

I just hope Evan doesn’t give in to the dark side.

Something tells me he won't sell out.  I can’t fully explain it: I just like the guy. 

Unlike many of the other driven ones, Evan seems quite likable as well.  That's different.

Jeff Hall

Posted on March 6, 2017 11:34


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