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'White Privilege' at the SPLC

John Rowland

Posted on June 8, 2018 13:04

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The Southern Poverty Law Center's latest disclosure lists its 11 highest-paid employees. They're all white, maintaining a 45-year tradition.

As noted by Capital Research, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a purported domestic "civil rights" organization, has ended the last tax year with $477 million in assets -- nearly half a billion. The SPLC took in $136 million in just this last year (a 234% single-year increase) -- including $6.7 million from "anonymous donors."

So clearly, the dominant theme at the SPLC is money.

On their website, they provide a smorgasbord of ways to "Support Us:" Friends of the Center, Planned Giving, Employer Matching, Gifts of Stock and Securities, Other Ways of Giving, Donor Resources and Store.

Speaking at Harvard's Nieman Foundation for Journalism, the Montgomery Advertiser's managing editor Jim Tharpe noted that most legitimate nonprofits spend about 75% of money brought in on programs. The SPLC's not even close, spending as little as 18%.

But the stink goes way beyond this.

In clear contrast to other credible US civil rights groups, for the SPLC, this professed national body for disenfranchised victims, to park $69 million out of the country in off-shore slush funds, is fully predictable given the lunacy of its claims.

The SPLC has published a political hit list, including non-violent entities like The 10th Amendment Center. Bet that group strikes terror in the hearts of most citizens, no?

Or how about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born liberal feminist. The SPLC put her on their smear list as an "anti-Muslim extremist."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali


All Ali did was criticize inhumane practices that are common in majority-Muslim countries. Her reported outrages included female genital mutilation, of which Ali herself is a living victim. The SPLC's reaction to this was to label her discussion of such topics as "toxic."

Eventually, Ali was quietly dropped from the hit list in the face of a legal threat.

But glaringly absent from the SPLC's checklist are openly-violent actors, like Antifa and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. But this is not a surprise.

The SPLC itself has been the explicit cause of murderous intolerance.

Others describe SPLC behavior as weird: "One of the weirder aspects of the SPLC has long been its adamant refusal to hire blacks and pay them a lot of money. The SPLC’s new tax form lists its 11 highest paid employees: they are still all white."


SPLC's 11 highest paid employees


Another viewer observes that "not a lot of other multi-million dollar companies can claim an unbroken 45-year streak of whites at the heights." This observer comically adds that "Mark Potok, looking like a melancholy George Lucas, is now out after a long run at the SPLC . . ."

But with loads of legal/moral/sexual baggage, why is Morris Dees still so high-profile?

So while there's no shortage of race-hustling-race racketeer demagogues, surely the well-heeled SPLC does some good, somewhere.

Evidently though, people like Stephen Bright, a Yale University law professor, don't see it: “Basically, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraudulent operation.”

John Rowland

Posted on June 8, 2018 13:04


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