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Where's Abraham Lincoln When You Need Him?

Jeff Hall

Posted on November 2, 2016 17:09

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Very few seem inspired by either candidate. But predictions of the "end of the world" coming from both sides seem a bit overblown.

The election is almost here.

Donald Trump is predictably unpredictable and chaotic.  There might be certain advantages in this style in terms of keeping one's adversaries off balance, but I think this style would exhaust us all after a while. 

In fact, we're already exhausted.

It's almost like whatever Trump says or does, we no longer have the capacity to get too riled up about it, one way or the other.  Little surprises anymore.

Hillary Clinton could be the first woman president.  It would be nice to have this issue behind us -- just as it was great to finally elect an African-American. 

Maybe, soon enough, people won't care about such things.

But there's no doubt the Clintons operate according to their own rules, and this causes resentment.  Many who have played by the rules for years feel woefully left behind. 

It seems like until Bernie started talking about the rigged economy, Hillary wasn't paying much attention to the working men and women of middle America. She was busy giving those speeches on Wall Street.

The emails obviously continue to hurt.

So we have two very flawed candidates.  And we're depressed about that.

But this doesn't mean either will -- or will not -- make for a great president. 

Under-rated candidates have a way of providing pleasant surprises later; over-rated candidates can go on to disappoint. 

To Trump's credit, he might just fix our trade deficits and clean up our immigration system.  Clinton might just root out ISIS and take care of the college debt problem, which is real. 

Whoever is elected, that individual needs to take a hard look at the rising cost of Obamacare.  And all the substance addiction.  Our infrastructure is crumbling. 

We are rotting from within, it's time for solutions. 

I think, whoever is elected, we need to give our new president a chance. 

Anyone would find it hard to lead without a little running room. 

Let's not assume the worst.  Let's hope for the best. 

Looking ahead, here's hoping some fresh faces emerge in coming years -- candidates who really understand the problems, candidates who put the people first, candidates who aren't doing this for self-enrichment or self-aggrandizement, people who are willing to make the tough calls. 

Where is Abraham Lincoln when you need him?

Possibly the closest to Abraham Lincoln we'll find has been standing right in front of us for eight years now. 

Barack Obama, I think, did one hell of a job under daunting circumstances.  Obama turned around the worst economy in modern times; he finally got Osama bin Laden; the Republicans fought him every step of the way.  President Obama elevated our public discourse but never got much credit for all the good he did.

He will be missed.





Jeff Hall

Posted on November 2, 2016 17:09


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