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Welcome to The World's New Homepage

Jeff Hall

Posted on April 26, 2017 23:10

1 user covers all topics, all in one place. We have NO political agenda and NO fake news. There's more.

Trust in media, according to Gallup, is at an all-time low. It's time for something new.

Greetings from, "The World's New Homepage." 

Several traditional media colleagues and I teamed up with a small army of student interns with a goal of conquering "information overload." makes it really easy to keep up with the news you want most.  Try it, you'll see. 

Everything you want, you can find in one place.

But along the way we also cured the problems of media bias, fake news, pop-up ads and privacy invasions.  We don't do any of that.

When a story is political, we show you how ALL the top media outlets are handling it. 

You can click through and see, side by side, how liberal, moderate and conservative sources are treating the exact same story.

We apply the same philosophy to our commentators, who supply us with "THE LATEST THINKING" on any and all topics.  All points of view, stated in an intelligent and civil manner, are welcome. 

But isn't just about politics, not at all.

If you are interested in the latest in hip hop music, craft beer, the newest iPhone, fashion, the Red Sox -- anything at all -- THE LATEST has it.

Go to   At the top of the page is something called "Watch THE LATEST Site Tour Video."  I encourage you to watch that. 

It's six minutes long, which sounds long, but when you discover all can do for you, you'll save several hours a week.  That has been my experience, anyway. 

Be sure to try our search tool, also at the top of our page. It's amazing.  Just keep your search terms very simple, it's an exact match system.

Power users will enjoy MY LATEST.  You can save articles and read them later, you can create a direct pipeline to news from specific cities, writers and news sources. 

We built a site WE wanted to use. And now you can use it, too. just went live, so you might discover some bugs or have ideas for how we could do this better.  Let us know. 

We're working on a mobile app and some other ideas.  Stay tuned.

If you want to discuss something, I hope you will send an email to [email protected].

Heard THE LATEST?  Why yes, you have! 


Jeff Hall

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

[email protected]


Jeff Hall

Posted on April 26, 2017 23:10


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Source: WESH

Authorities have announced an arrest in the murder of a Lake County man.


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