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Welcome to the Race, Bernie

Robin Alexander

Posted on February 21, 2019 16:30

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5.9 million dollars in 24 hours: that man’s got something (aside from a large campaign fund). I’d say it’s a tangy recipe consisting of a sweet-smelling sauce of vastly popular policies, with a huge dollop of richly satisfying authenticity. Mix well.

Cory doesn’t have it; Kirsten doesn’t have it; Joe and Amy don’t; Kamala certainly doesn’t. Liz, eh.

But Bernie “has it” big-time. That’s what makes him so scary to “the establishment” (I haven’t used that expression in 40 years).

Ed Schultz claims he was fired from MSNBC for covering Bernie. But the media can’t ignore him now. He’s become far too popular. Instead, watch for that condescending expression while asking, “How’s he going to pay for it, tsk tsk?” Or:

·       “He’s not substantive.”

·       “It’s a cult of personality”

·       “He didn’t do enough to unite the Democratic party.”

·       “Bernie’s not a Democrat” (Hillary).

·       “His supporters harassed my supporters, feeding into the whole misogyny thing” (Hillary; sour grapes).

·       “A lot of what he churned up in the primary was very hurtful in the general” (Hillary; sourest grapes ever).

(I heard all of these gripes and grapes on Morning Joe, February 19.)

To answer “how’s he going to pay?” once and for all, here’s what Bernie said at a town hall when a West Virginia woman asked that very question:

“Large multi-national corporations stash their money in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens . . . it’s not you who is going to be asked to pay more taxes.”

To Democratic party/unity fanatics AND those who would’ve preferred a third-party race: Bernie walks a fine line here. He campaigned endlessly for Hillary, fulfilling his obligation. Whatever he said or did, I wasn’t voting for her. Now, running as a Democrat he has infrastructure in 50 states. Enough said.

Substance? Bernie is the most substantive politician there is.

Cult of personality? People love him because he’s substantive AND genuine.

As it gets closer to the convention and his influence grows, watch for smears about Bernie Bros behaving badly at rallies, or more sexual harassment claims against staffers.

That’s the litmus test. The more media head-shaking, the more you know he’s the real deal. These days Tulsi is the invisible candidate. So I know I can bank on her authentic progressivism too.

BTW, Tulsi stepped down from her DNC post in order to support Bernie last time around, and rightly so. The DNC isn’t supposed to favor one candidate over another (lol). Perhaps they’ll play nice this time (lmao).

The point is “don’t trust anyone over 30” – unless it’s Bernie. Yeah, so, the age thing.

Bernie built the progressive bandwagon everyone is jumping on now, some more authentically than others. Whether he wins the nomination or not, a Sanders campaign will continue to ignite and unify the public around important progressive issues; that’s the unity that counts.

As long as progressives stand by each other and their platform, they can take the convention (I don’t care what backroom deals are made over lattes), even with those super delegates hovering like bats.

That’s how you defeat the establishment – with lots of people and lots of pressure over a sustained period of time.

Let’s change the Democratic party, and let's change the country.

Robin Alexander

Posted on February 21, 2019 16:30


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