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5 Worst Presidents of the Western World in 2018

Luis Orozco

Posted on January 5, 2019 17:54

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Some of these presidents failed to fulfill their voters' needs while others turned their nations into Orwellian nightmares.

While the year 2018 showed many bad presidents in the Western world, these have been the worst by far:


5. Mauricio Macri

What makes Donald Trump’s old friend Mauricio Macri one of the worst presidents of 2018 is not only how he failed to solve the biggest problem of Argentina but also how he made this issue even worse.

Basically, the Argentinean businessman received an economically destroyed country that he promised to restore by taking aggressive measures. Unfortunately, even when he had the political capital to take this bold step, he decided not to. This way, Argentina’s economic crisis got worse than ever and many believe he won’t get reelected.


4. Emmanuel Macron

This is definitely one of the biggest disappointments considering how the left praised him as the titan that was going to save the West from the right-wing populist movements that were threatening Europe.

Far from honoring this grandiloquent label, Emmanuel Macron has become one of the worst presidents in the Western world, thanks to his incredible failure in determining the French people’s main concerns and the way he sees himself as some kind of new Napoleon.

To make things worse, the main news in France right now is the ire of the Yellow Vest movement and the fact that his approval ratings are below 25 percent.


3. Theresa May

Undoubtedly, the main element that makes Theresa May one of the worst presidents of the Western World in the year 2018 stars with a B and ends with a T.

While the historic decision of escaping from the European Union was one of the biggest stories in the 20th century, the United Kingdom has brutally failed in the attempt of finding a proper deal to make this transition as less traumatic as possible. Of course, the conservative Prime Minister is the main figure to blame.


2. Daniel Ortega

If Daniel Ortega were a right-wing dictator instead of a leftist one, it would’ve been almost impossible that the international community accepted his return to power without any contention after years of blood and poverty he spread across Nicaragua.

Right now, after finally turning his country into tyranny just like Cuba or Venezuela, Daniel Ortega has been widely condemned around the world. What’s the difference now than in comparison with the previous years? The fact that he’s now killing innocent protesters in the most brutal way on broad daylight.


1. Nicolas Maduro

If Latin America is the most violent region in the entire world, just imagine how dangerous could be the most violent nation of this part of the globe. 

Well, in addition to the biggest migrant crisis in the Americas history and the biggest inflation in the world, Venezuela recently turned in the country with the biggest murder epidemic in the entire Western Hemisphere, including South and Central America, which have extremely violent nations such as Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Naturally, the leftist dictator Nicolas Maduro and his socialist revolution are the factions to blame.


Luis Orozco

Posted on January 5, 2019 17:54


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Source: FOX News

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