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The Test for Our Times: A Voter's Guide to the Second Amendment

Alan Kopit

Posted on March 29, 2018 09:43

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After the March for Our Lives, voters want to understand the beliefs of every candidate who can affect Second Amendment rights, to include knowing whether, and the extent to which, a candidate believes those rights can be limited. The following test should be taken by any candidate, whether on the federal, state or local level, who may someday participate in a decision regarding the use of guns in our communities. The questions should be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

This is not a partisan test – it merely seeks to allow voters to know exactly where a candidate stands so an informed vote can be cast, no matter what your views are about the Second Amendment.


1.     Do you believe that the Second Amendment guarantees your right to own a gun? 

2.     Do you believe in universal background checks for all private sales and gun show sales of firearms? 

3.     Do you believe that the following categories of people should be allowed to own a gun? 

·       People under the age of 21
·       People under the age of 18
·       Known or suspected terrorists
·       People on the “no fly” list
·       A person deemed mentally ill
·       People with a history of violence
·       Convicted stalkers
·       People deemed to be dangerous

4.     Should the sale of assault-style weapons be banned entirely? 

5.     Should the sale of semi-automatic weapons be banned entirely? 

6.     Should the sale of bump stocks be outlawed? 

7.     Should the sale of high capacity magazines be banned? 

8.     Should there be restrictions on multiple purchases of firearms by a single person? 

9.     Should there be limits on the amount of ammunition that can be purchased by a single person? 

10.  Should there be a three-day (or other) waiting period before someone can buy a gun? 

11.  Should the police be permitted to confiscate guns from at-risk persons? 

12.  Should the buyer of a gun be required to register it or obtain a permit to use it? 

13.  Should the owner of a gun be required to undergo training for the proper use of it? 

14.  Should there be restrictions on federally-funded gun violence research? 

15.  Should teachers and school administrators be armed during school hours? 

16.  Should gun manufacturers be required to invest in “smart gun” safety technology to prevent anyone but the owner from using the gun? 

17.  Should the government buy back banned weapons? 

18.  Should a federal data base be created to track gun sales?

Every candidate should post these results on their campaign web sites for all voters to review.  Transparency will lead to better candidates and better legislators.

Alan Kopit

Posted on March 29, 2018 09:43


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