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The Enriching Experience of Travel and How To Fund it

Daphneleah Schneider

Posted on May 16, 2017 18:49

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Travel and feeling good is healthy and essential. Two credit cards that are helpful in travel.

Feeling guilty about traveling and enjoying yourself? There are many valid reasons why we may feel guilty having fun. Yet we know that rest and self care enhance our lives and our work. In this moment, consider taking a couple of deep breaths, feel your body, feel the oxygen moving through your body. This is a good first step to feeling good right now.

In our health and well-being we are of service to ourselves, and others. Being of service in our travels has a nice side effect of removing guilt. When I step out of my front door I'm ready to greet the day with willingness to be open to the day’s adventure, either at home or away. What will the day's gifts be to me and who will I meet? How can I be of service?

This curious attitude exists whether my travels include extensive transportation or a trip to the market. I live in Los Angeles where it's perfectly acceptable to smile, be polite and engage with strangers in conversation. Often in my backyard travels I listen and open my heart to the people I encounter. I take the few moments and am true. This has proved very beneficial recently, lessening fears, and building community. Being human is an extraordinary experience heightened by becoming conscious, and awakening to our full potential. I cultivate presence and serenity to enjoy my daily activities or to be a center of calm in an airport.

In my travels, I use cash sparingly, this is primarily because I'm now heavily attached to travel miles accumulation. Long gone are the days when I would charge my trips and holidays without having the funds at the time of purchase. Today I know that a solvent life is a healthy life. If I can’t afford it I have to wait until I can. Saving for the extras, such as the beloved travel, is possible and strengthens me.

I do use two credit cards with good travel miles rewards: the Capital One Venture Card and the American Express Delta Card. With the Capital One Venture Card the rewards are easy, and one can accrue reward miles through a multitude of opportunities. Purchase the exact travel ticket wanted on any airline with the Venture card, then use the accrued miles toward paying off the purchase. It’s easy and works great.

The other card I have is the American Express Delta Card, with which miles can be accrued in a variety of ways and booking a flight is not too bad, but it should be booked months in advance. They both have an annual fee, and I pay the credit card within 5 days of using the card. I don’t want debt, I want miles and guilt-free travel.


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