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The Burning of Notre Dame

Laurence Jarvik

Posted on April 17, 2019 16:43

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As lightning illuminates a darkened landscape, the burning of Notre Dame exposes not a "Clash of Civilizations" but an existential struggle with what French philosophe Bernard Henry-Levi calls Islamo-Leftism, an "anti-American religion" opposed to the existence of Western Civilization itself.


(L) Rev. Jesse Jackson and students protest Western Civilization at Stanford University in 1987; (R) Sir Kenneth Clark introduces the BBC's Civilisation in 1969

If Notre Dame is a symbol of Western Civilization, as Sir Kenneth Clark said in his 1969 BBC miniseries Civilization, then its destruction by fire on April 15th, 2019, whether accidental or intentional, gives one the sickening feeling that it is the logical outcome of decades of anti-Western dogma that has dovetailed with Islamic fundamentalist aims.

According to Stanford University's website, "On January 15, 1987, as many as 500 students, along with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, rallied down Palm Drive chanting, 'Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go.' The curriculum debate drew national attention, and in 1989 Western Culture was formally replaced with the Cultures, Ideas, & Values (CIV) program that included more inclusive works on race, class, and gender."

The swift and fiery consumption of Notre Dame during Holy Week recalled Stanford protests, as the conflagration made a mockery of official protections for a UNESCO World Heritage Site, "restoration" by the French state, and management by the Catholic Church.

One thought of of Joan of Arc burnt at the stake, auto-da-fés in the Inquisition, the Reichstag fire, the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

As crowds of onlookers sang "Ave Maria" in Parisian streets, smoke and flames appeared as a funeral pyre for French culture.

President Macron's talk of rebuilding a more "inclusive" Notre Dame set off alarm bells, in light of works like Michel Houellebecq's prophetic Submission or Elena Chudinova's dystopian Notre Dame de Paris Mosque.

Meanwhile, Arab posts on an Israeli friend's Facebook page cheered Notre Dame's destruction: “This church was the HQ for the Templar Knights and was their operations room for carrying out attacks on Muslims wherever they were. We kneel (in prayer) thanking Allah and (hope) the same thing happens to the Vatican only this time the Pope is inside it.”

“God rain fire on it”.

“We’re all in solidarity with the fire. We are all the fire”.

Likewise, Social Justice Warriors posted taunts on Twitter:

“Notre-Dame burning is cosmic karma for all the historical sites and artifacts France destroyed and stole when being colonialist scum.”

"The most aesthetically pleasing visually (sic) I’ve ever seen.”

Perhaps the most frightening statement came from Harvard Art and Architecture Professor Patricio del Real, who expressed sentiments fit for an arsonist, in Rolling Stone: “The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation.”

As lightning illuminates a darkened landscape, the burning of Notre Dame exposes not a "Clash of Civilizations" but an existential struggle with what French philosophe Bernard-Henri Lévy calls Islamo-Leftism, an "anti-American religion" opposed to the existence of Western Civilization itself. 

Although much of the media seem to want to downplay the enormity of this tragedy, it is of world-historical significance.

For, as Thomas Jefferson said: "Every man has two countries – his own and France."




Laurence Jarvik

Posted on April 17, 2019 16:43


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Source: Reuters

A major fire broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Monday, a roaring blaze at one of France's most visited...


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