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Simply, Love Upon War

Shanna Rebis

Posted on March 15, 2020 18:00

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“Remember who you really are.. a beautiful Soul.”

Forbearance on democracy one may travel through conspiracy.
Pivots one to believe to avoid another at all cost.
Are we really at war? Or merely afraid of the living truth…

Hence follow me to Brooklyn yet you leave me in Berlin.
What are you trying so desperately to say
perhaps the absence of love has caused treachery.

Love is the puzzle piece missing from mankind nonetheless
you seemingly ignore the whispers of your heart.
Intention has failed you in the past --
I, wholeheartedly sorry for the pain that has caused you to stray from your path.

Dreary opposition either way you point that view.
Entangled in a brand fighting the pitch of a lifetime.
Stand in excellence and you will come out a winner.
Always the head of your class.
You shine, no need to polish your shoes;
walking on gold has done plenty good for you, do you agree?

I, set in a daydream flying high with the birds,
dancing a love song,
my fairy tale has captured my heart’s attention the beauty in,
nature has carried me home.

Lying upon the green grass barefoot Earth
welcomes any who choose to let their armor down.

A quiet disposition longing healing,
let your guard down and measures of enchanting
creatures will grant you what you need.
They promise to protect you against the hardened,
cold world that resides outside of the wall.

Sentiments of love, illuminated light unearthed surrounded by serenity.
To know such delight of imagination of one who patiently gives in
to the quiet nature and appreciates all that is, all that ever was.
Peaceful Bliss; true intention sits patiently needs nothing more than unconditional love.

“Tending to my heart for it has been broken, in nature,
I find healing, shelter from a tempestuous world.”

Each soul a reckoning for He knows his children’s heart
for they must seek; love is a living thing.
The noise of the city has caused chaos in the streets of one man’s heart life.

I hand to you: May his breath be proof and his beating heart be proof
that a true man who dare rise up to a dark insanity.
This man with breath in his lungs, a beating heart,
a willful spirit he has the power and the free will to move, to call, to believe.

His voice aloud cries out: here me, see me, know me.

“Truth has become the allure those thought to be crazy though lies given,
received and believed by the man who is thought sane.” – unknown 

Runneth compassion, do what you must and know you have welcomed home again,
after all is forgiven, and all is done.
Plead no victory nor glory in vanity, the statue of desire.

Destined across Sea, all will be reunited.

Given such a death, life will be restored.

Peace be with you and those who you find comfort.

Rise, life will continue to blossom for love shared upon love; the point true.

“Life is a puzzle and we the pieces.”

Shanna Rebis

Posted on March 15, 2020 18:00


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