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Brett Davis

Posted on September 28, 2021 21:40

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Random thoughts on the passing scene.

Joe Biden’s presidency ought to be cordoned off with barricade tape and declared a national disaster area.

If America’s top generals are to be believed, President Biden told a whopper in saying he was never advised to leave troops in Afghanistan.

Friendly reminder: There are still Americans trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

Claiming Biden is doing a good job as president is now a de facto sign of mental illness.

It is not at all surprising that the same establishment media that conflates functionality with cosmetics when it comes to firearms cannot differentiate between split reins used to control a horse and a whip.

“Trapped in the Closet” will soon take on a whole new meaning for R. Kelly.

Former President Donald Trump, eying a run for the presidency in 2024, should quit focusing on the false stolen election narrative and instead highlight legitimate problems like the establishment media and Big Tech putting its thumb on the scale for Biden and Democrats, as well as pandemic-era rules that facilitated too-easy mail-in voting.

Politicians blaming the free market for government-caused labor shortages — too-generous unemployment benefits and sweeping vaccine mandates — and advocating for more government interference in the economy is utter madness.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, in a display of alleged naivete that does not inspire confidence, recently said it is “unfair and absurd” to think that companies would pass along increased costs to consumers in response to higher taxes.

Evidence piles up that “The View” is run by chimps.

Prepare for the inevitable “Laundrie Put Away” headlines should the suspected killer of Gabby Petito be taken alive by authorities.

That professional victim and bully extraordinaire Frederick Joseph is proud of his unsolicited and ultimately successful efforts to get a woman fired from her job over a perceived racial slight is everything that is wrong with identity politics in America.

Western Washington University — this writer’s alma mater — is beclowning itself by creating segregated housing specifically for black students.

A new Oregon law that recently took effect requiring firearms to be locked and/or securely stored in the home is, among other things, practically unenforceable.

The pro-life movement is doing itself no favors in supporting Texas’ cringeworthy new abortion law that turns citizens into litigious busybodies.

It is downright dystopian Down Under, as the government of Australia continues to overreact to COVID-19 in ways scarcely imaginable before the pandemic.

A daily pill to treat COVID-19 could be just months away, according to scientists. One wonders if the anti-vax crowd will have a problem with this, or is their ire reserved only for injections via a syringe and needle?

Who else is starting to think CDC stands for “Can’t Do Competent”?

Scientific American recently ran an article saying the fictional Jedi of the “Star Wars” universe are problematic white saviors. The magazine should just go ahead and change its name to “Science Fiction American.”

Brett Davis

Posted on September 28, 2021 21:40


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