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Odette Estate is Napa Valley’s best kept secret

Odette Perez

Posted on November 2, 2017 20:53

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Napa Valley is a top destination spot for wineries, and Odette Estate Winery is getting recognition.

Napa Valley is rated as the number one destination spot for wine tasting adventures in California, and it surely does live up to its reputation. The drive from Los Angeles to Napa Valley is about a six-hour drive (of course, depending on traffic) and the views along the coast to the valley do not disappoint. Passing fields fluttered with cows, horses and goats grazing on grass sure does give you an eyeful of nature, and the green vineyards stretched endlessly on each side of the road gives it a touch of an Italian field.

But driving 430 miles isn't the hard part; it's deciding which Napa Valley winery to choose from for some fine wine tasting — Napa Valley breathes, lives and drinks wine, and if you haven't visited before, you'll be surprised to find wine tasting inside local shops and restaurants.

The famous Napa Valley sign

Because Napa Valley is famously known as Wine County, these are the most common and popular wineries (in no particular order) that pop up on a search engine:

You'll also want to experience wine tasting via the Napa Valley Wine Train.

However, wine tasting has turned into the next big thing to do, and you'll want to check out Napa Valley's best kept secret winery. This winery has been attracting visitors far and near to its vineyard — and it's definitely worth visiting: Odette Estate.

Odette Estate is fairly new and was established in 2012 by founders Gavin Newson, Gordon Getty and Jon Conover. The names may be familiar because the founders are not new to the wine business, and have been in business for decades with well known wineries such as Cade Winery and PlumpJack Winery.

Odette Estate

With the rise and awareness of eco-green and environment safety, Odette Estate lives up to its name and doing their part. Not only do the folks at Odette Estate produce their own organically-grown wine, but they're giving back to Mother Nature with a roof made from growing live grass and solar panels that cover 2,500 sq. ft. — imagine that! Odette Estate is on the Going Green movement and that's definitely a plus for our environment ... something we can all make a toast and cheers to.

Separating itself from other wineries, Odette Estate notably won The Wine Advocate award in 2015 with the help of its wine maker Jeff Owens (a huge accomplishment in itself for a rather new winery), and also won Best of San Francisco in 2016.

Origin of Odette

As noted on the Odette Estate website, there were three main factors used in naming the estate Odette.

  • Odette, a character by the great poet William Shakesphere
  • Odette Kahn, an expert in wines and a judge in the 1976 controversial Paris Wine Tasting competition
  • Odette, from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

And most from the Generation X and above era may recognize the name Odette from The Swan Princess.

Unharmed from the Napa fires, Odette supports #NapaStrong.


Odette Perez

Posted on November 2, 2017 20:53


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Source: LA Times

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