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Just in Time for No Time to Die: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia

Jeff Hall

Posted on October 7, 2021 01:06

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Steven Jay Rubin is a TV and movie writer and producer. He is also perhaps THE world expert on all things James Bond. His new book, The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia, just came out, coinciding with the release of No Time to Die.

As everyone knows, No Time to Die, the latest installment in the 007 series, just opened.

A few weeks ago I learned of Steve Rubin, who lives in Brentwood, a section of LA where I also live. Steve comes from the world of movies and television.

Many in this part of the world are in the business of TV and movies, so that's not unusual.

What makes Steve unusual is that he has written several definitive books about James Bond movies.  As a huge 007 fan who has watched every James Bond movie, I was impressed.


Steve was my guest on THE LATEST PODCAST, which you can find here.

Want to know Steve's take on the best 007 ever?

The hottest Bond babe? The scariest villain? 

Want to know why Daniel Craig is retiring from the role of James Bond?

Want to know which Bond movie achieved the highest gross at the box office?

Want to know who's getting the buzz when it comes to being named the next James Bond?

Jeff Hall of THE LATEST interviews Steve Rubin.


I'm not supplying the answers to these questions in this column. I want you to listen to THE LATEST PODCAST.

But I will reveal two things Steve said during our podcast recording session: First, No Time to Die is amazing -- and simply must be seen in the theater. 

I saw the movie opening weekend. I completely concur. No Time to Die is one for the ages.

The second thing I can tell you is that you can find The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia in bookstores and on Amazon.  

As a huge fan of James Bond movies, I think Steve Rubin is as close to royalty as it gets.

The name is Rubin. Steve Rubin.


Our podcast producers this episode were student interns Karagan Knowles and Jacob Rossi. Jacob goes to SUNY New Paltz and is majoring in Digital Media Production. Karagan goes to Emerson College, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. 

Jeff Hall

Posted on October 7, 2021 01:06


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