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Make American Great Again...How...When?

gladys louise tyler

Posted on January 21, 2019 07:44

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I am all for improvement. Just tell me exactly how we are making America great...and when is this again you refer?

I am all for improvement. I am just a little murky on how we are making American great again. And almost importantly...when is this again period?

The history of the United States is traditionally divided into seven time capsules. Which one are we trying to emulate to make America Great Again?

Indigenous America? Often referred to as Pre Colonial America

Are we referring to pre 15th century AD when some 10 million people were inhabiting what would soon be called the United States?  The land first inhabited by Native Americans?  A land already discovered before Christopher Columbus? 

Colonial America 1600-1799

Or is it referring to Colonial America?  A place where the Spanish were the first to settle in the area we now know as the United States. 

The first colony founded at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607? Or the Pilgrims who arrived in 1620? This time period is marked by the early colonist relying upon the assistance of the Native Americans for survival.  

By the early 1700s African slaves made up a large percentage of the colonial population. For instance, in 1710 the African population in Virginia was 42 percent of the total, while Maryland contained 23 percent of African population

the New Nation 1800-1849

The establishment of a Federalist and Republican party, as well as American Revolution, French Revolution and the War of 1812? President Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana territory?  

Civil War and Reconstruction Era 1850-1899

It can't be the Civil War and Reconstruction era, can it? 

The Civil War was responsible for the loss of 625,000 lives. Or the fighting that colored the Reconstruction era?

Progressive Era and World Wars 1900-1948

Is it the economic and social problems that were prevalent in the progressive era? Or the horror that the World Wars introduced?

Mid Century and Cold War 1950-1999

Maybe it's the era that introduced the Korean War or the Cuban Missile Crises? The detonation of the hydrogen bomb or the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? How about the McCarthy hearings or the need to send federal troops to Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas?

And don't forget in this era we lost two Kennedy's and a King.  

New Millenium 2000-

This era is yet to be completely defined.  We are 19 years in and are still defined by 9/11.  

Yes, wonderful things happened in these historic eras that define America.  But if you want to make America Great Again... tell me again what time frame so I can have a reference of what your definition of "greatness" is.  

gladys louise tyler

Posted on January 21, 2019 07:44


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