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LeBron Watch: L.A. Lakers All the Way

Charles Thurston-Snoha

Posted on July 2, 2018 02:03

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LeBron James is heading to the Los Angeles Lakers. Did he make the right decision?

For the second time, LeBron has decided to leave Cleveland in pursuit of greener pastures. But was signing with the Lakers the right move? And did he do it for the right reason? Championships?

When considering his options, even though the Lakers are an emerging team and might land another superstar in the coming weeks, there were several other teams that LeBron might have had a better shot at winning with.

Houston and Boston come to mind. Both teams currently have way more talent than the Lakers, who finished 11th in the western conference. Along those same lines, would it have been in his legacy’s best interest to take less with the hope of scoring more championships?

That’s what Durant did, and look what that got him. As one of the best players in the league, Durant could have landed himself a huge payday. Instead, he opted for a more team-friendly deal, which quickly resulted in two NBA Finals Championships and two NBA finals MVP awards. 

As for the move itself, LeBron is exactly where he was when he returned to Cleveland four seasons ago. He signed with a team that had some talent, but wheeling and dealing had to take place to compete for a championship. And as it turned out, it worked.

Well … almost.

There’s no denying that they were able to make it to four straight NBA Finals. But they only came away with one championship — potentially could have won two had they stayed healthy that first year — and it wasn’t even close the past two finals appearances. They went 1-8 in that stretch.

I’m certain that the Lakers aren’t quite done yet; however, will it be enough? A lot of chips will have to fall in the right place. And then there’s still the whole “Warriors” problem. I just don’t see them topping them anytime in the foreseeable future, which leads me to believe the move wasn’t purely motivated by winning championships. Better market … his acting career … who knows? Maybe it’ll work out, but only time will tell.

Now if I could put myself in his basketball shoes, I would have opted to take less with the potential of winning more. It’s not like he’s hard up for cash. He’s a professional athlete, an actor, receives millions in endorsements and has more money than I could ever dream of spending.

A different sport, but Tom Brady comes to mind. Considered as one of the best players that's ever played the game, by taking a more team-friendly deal, the Patriots have been able to surround him with better players, which has put their organization in a position to compete for a title each and every season.

In a super competitive sport, eight appearances and five titles is no joke. And, when you consider all of his accomplishments, you’d think he’d be the highest paid player in the NFL. Instead, he’s the 15th.

Prior to signing with L.A, maybe LeBron should have taken notice.


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Source: ESPN

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