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It's Football Time In USA

Mill Woods

Posted on September 2, 2018 20:12

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What time is is? Time for the world's most successful professional sport: NFL football. One of the key factors that makes the NFL so successful is parity. The 2018 season kicks off with a reminder of just how many talented teams there are contending for the championship game in February. In a league of 32 teams, 12 make the playoffs, and there are at least that many legitimate contenders, guaranteeing plenty of close, exciting games. It's September; let's get the party started.

It may be cliche to say so, but the NFL gives fans what they want: hard-hitting, adrenaline-pumping action, where the final outcome is often a mystery.  Last season, the NFL held many surprises for fans, not the least of which was the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl since the team started in 1933.  The 2018 season promises just as many twists and turns.

In a league with such team balance, predicting winners is a risky business, but I will endeavor to pick game winners each week.  But first, here (in alphabetical order) are the 12 teams that I think will make the playoffs:

1. Atlanta Falcons

2. Green Bay Packers

3. Oakland Raiders

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Kansas City Chiefs

6. Los Angeles Rams

7. Minnesota Vikings

8. New England Patriots

9. New Orleans Saints

10. Philadelphia Eagles

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

12. Tennessee Titans

All 12 teams - and more - should be considered contenders for the championship.  It goes almost without saying that a few very good teams will not make the playoffs.  And, personally, I won't be surprised if there are surprises - after all, there always are.

The teams I like to make the playoffs all have potent offenses, proven quarterbacks - mostly veterans - and top-notch playmakers at the receiver and running back positions.  For the most part, these teams also have stout defenses.  Off-season personnel changes in the NFL were minor, in my estimation, so I am sticking mainly with teams that I liked last year.  

In January, I was fortunate enough to pick 9 of 11 playoff winners, including all three championship games.  At the end of December, I'll try to pick the playoff winners again, realizing that many games can turn on just a play or two - just like last season.  My main goal is to really enjoy the drama.

Now to Week One.  Here is the lineup of matches - and the teams I like to win:

1. Falcons at Eagles                 Falcons

2. Bills at Ravens                     Ravens

3. Jaguars at Giants                 Jaguars

4. Buccaneers at Saints            Saints

5. Texans at Patriots                 Patriots

6. 49ers at Vikings                   Vikings

7. Titans at Dolphins                Titans

8. Bengals at Colts                   Bengals

9. Steelers at Browns               Steelers

10. Chiefs at Chargers               Chiefs

11. Seahawks at Broncos           Broncos

12. Cowboys at Panthers            Panthers

13. Redskins at Cardinals           Cardinals

14. Bears at Packers                  Packers

15. Jets at Lions                        Lions

16. Rams at Raiders                   Rams

For me, the two biggest games this week are the Thursday night season opener - the Falcons visiting the defending champs - and the Monday Night showdown between the Rams and Raiders. 

I don't know about you, but I feel it's been a long off-season, and the preseason didn't tell me very much.  I'm ready for some football!






Mill Woods

Posted on September 2, 2018 20:12


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