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Is THE LATEST Truly Unbiased?

Jeff Hall

Posted on June 11, 2017 19:07

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It's an interesting question with many potential answers. Here's my take on that.

One of the features of that people seem to agree is noteworthy is that we are "unbiased" when it comes to politics.

What we mean by that is that for any political story, we show how the same story is being played by a variety of media outlets from across the political spectrum. 

There's a story on our site today (June 11, 2017) about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his upcoming testimony to the senate about President Donald Trump's possible ties to Russia.

Above this story, we show buttons indicating that Talking Points Memo, Politico, Associated Press, Reuters and Fox News are all reporting on the same story at the same time. 

Click through these buttons and you can see how all the different sources are handling the same story.

I think most would agree these sources represent a nice mix of liberal, moderate and conservative sources.

We also welcome opinion pieces ("THE LATEST THINKING") from all comers. 

Liberals, moderates and conservatives are all welcome to weigh in at THE LATEST. 

Now, it's possible all these sources and editorial contributors are biased, but we say THE LATEST isn't biased, because we show all sides -- and then leave it up to you to figure out what to make of it.

Purists will argue -- and some have -- that the very act of picking the sources and columnists we have selected represents an opportunity to introduce OUR bias. 

Why did we pick this source and not that source? 

This a valid question.  All I can say is we did our best to pick sources that seem credible, that have a following, that cover the spectrum -- and with a few outliers tossed in to keep things interesting. 

At THE LATEST, we enjoy a good debate and we think people SHOULD be exposed to multiple points of view.

Some think this sounds exceedingly noble and that, in today's world, it's folly.

I believe some liberals actually like hearing what conservatives have to say -- and some conservatives want to know what liberals are thinking. 

Moderates, almost by definition, want to hear all sides, especially when "the best of all worlds" is all combined into a practical recommendation that might result in actual progress.

How many times have you heard someone say, "I'm a fiscal conservative but liberal on social issues"? 

Many times, I'm sure.  We all know people like this. 

A 2016 Gallup poll indicates those who self-identify as Democrats, Republicans and Independents break out as follows: 29%, 26% and 42%.  Independents are the fastest-growing segment of all.

We don't want to tell you it's this way or that way.  We do want to expose you to all views. 

What's really gained by simply bashing the other side?  That closes minds, creates barriers.

THIS describes THE LATEST community, I think: We are open-minded, curious people who want to hear all sides -- and then move things forward with good ideas.

Noble folly?  Perhaps. 

Needed?  Now more than ever.



Jeff Hall

Posted on June 11, 2017 19:07


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