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Intuition And Self-Care For Greater Travel Safety

Daphneleah Schneider

Posted on May 27, 2017 20:26

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Actions to take for greater personal travel safety.

Traveling does bring its trials and challenges, these can make us fearful. Each step involved in travel may bring up fear and anxiety within us. These are valid concerns. How do we acknowledge and dispel them so we can be part of the solution as well as enjoy our travels?

• Have a daily meditation practice. This will increase your connection to your intuition and increase your awareness of information that comes through body language and energy.

• Practice self-care and self-love. This will train your body to know the difference between what is right for you and what isn’t. You will be less influenced by outside forces and make better decisions on your behalf. This creates a trusting relationship with yourself and you’ll listen to the danger signals quickly.

• Take yourself seriously regardless how it appears. Use the double lock if you feel uneasy. Leave the party early. Don’t go to the planned event even if it makes others in your party angry.

• Be kind and honest. We don’t have to over-share but we can be honest about who we are and how we feel. Being kind and honest strengthens us and makes us more powerful.  It doesn’t matter if someone thinks you’re rude or unkind or mean. You know you’re being kind and carry that poise and strength within you.

• Follow your inner flow and trust yourself.

• Look around at your surroundings. If it looks or feels dangerous, it is, whether you are at a garden party or nearing a dark alley.

• Don’t get caught up in other people’s fear or lack of it. Listen to your own truth.

• Don’t engage with angry people, it isn’t worth it. Walk away ASAP and inwardly repeat the Hawaiian healing mantra of Ho’oponopono “I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you, I love you.” This dissipates the negative energy, heals the situation and brings peace to the parties involved.

We can’t prevent the larger dangers but we can enjoy the present by trusting life to be primarily working in our best interest. In Paris I was about to board the metro when I felt danger, I looked in the direction from which it came and saw a few men were talking and laughing yet their energy was focused on me. I was scared. I left the area and boarded another carriage. I visited the Louvre and while I was there I spotted the men. They didn’t look like museum enthusiasts and felt cruel. I quickly turned about and left. 

Traveling brings us face to face with our fears and gives us opportunities to overcome them, making us stronger and increasing our faith in ourselves and life. Maturing and developing ourselves is another great reward of travel.


The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker 

Safety and Security For Women Who Travel by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer

Street Smarts A Personal Safety Guide For Women by Louise Rafkin





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