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Getting Practical About Immigration

Jeff Hall

Posted on June 29, 2018 12:44

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At some point, we need a policy we can rally around. It's time for a global solution.

It's hard for me to imagine anyone saying or thinking borders don't matter and that anyone who wants to cross into the U.S. should be allowed.  At some point, too much becomes too much.

Similarly, I don't think we can or should say nobody from the outside should be allowed in.  There are many amazing engineers and entrepreneurs from other countries who want to build American companies, creating jobs.

On the lower end of the scale, American enterprises need help, especially picking fruit during harvest season. 

I live in LA and if we ever got rid of all the immigrants, I think our city would implode the next day. 

Some argue that the jobs illegal immigrants take should go to able-bodied Americans. Why should some of our fellow Americans receive food stamps and other public assistance when there are real jobs in need of filling? 

Then again, the current system causes many immigrants to live in the shadows, not paying taxes -- and yet these same people have access to our schools, roads, hospitals and other public benefits.  We should want these people to contribute their fair share.

What's needed is a policy that makes sense and that can reconcile all the tensions. 

If we don't come up with a long-term fix, we'll be having the same stale arguments about all this decades from now. 

Here's my attempt at grappling with all this.

1) We need to have control over our borders, otherwise people will continue to come and nothing will ever change.  I personally am not offended by a wall. 

I personally think a wall is less offensive than stationing armed guards every 50 yards (or whatever it would take). 

2) I think we should allow everyone who is here now stay.  It's just impractical as hell to figure out a way to send them all back.  They need to be properly identified, they should pay taxes.  There should be a path to citizenship -- or at least some form of permanent residency.

Families of those who are here need get in line with everyone else who follows the rules.  Just because someone in your family made it across doesn't create any special privileges, I don't think. 

3) We have to say this is our final granting of amnesty.  For that to work, we need real control of our borders.

4) People are fleeing Central America and Mexico because of conditions there.  Maybe that's where we should send our troops, to establish order.  The bad guys are in control.  We should offer military help to governments there.

5) To really get rid of the bad guys, we need to take responsibility for and get rid of our own drug habits (and revisit the war on drugs).  That's what powers the narco gangs. 

And if we don't want Syrian refugees, it's time to end wars over there.

It's all inter-related -- drugs, jobs, border patrol, security, taxes, public services, the role of our military. 

It's time for a global solution.


Jeff Hall

Posted on June 29, 2018 12:44


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