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Coronavirus Reveals a Lot About America

Brett Davis

Posted on May 12, 2020 21:13

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The response to the pandemic has laid bare the good, the bad and the ugly here in the USA.

The disease currently sweeping the nation has exposed as never before that:

  • -We must learn to live with the virus, as we cannot hide from it indefinitely.

  • -Americans are by and large a kind people who will in times of crisis go out of their way to help their friends, neighbors and communities as a whole.

  • -Health care workers are critical. Ditto for farmers, crop-pickers, truckers, grocery store employees and the like.

  • -The private sector is a godsend the federal government relies upon heavily. The view by some of big corporations as cartoonishly-evil entities has largely been proven false.

  • -Experts will change their recommendations based upon new data and information coming in during a chaotic and fluid situation.

  • -It's okay not to take everything the experts say as gospel truth that can't be challenged or questioned.

  • -Technology has made this situation much easier to endure.

  • -Law-abiding gun owners are not a problem in this country.

  • -President Trump is not the authoritarian or dictator his critics in politics and the mainstream media make him out to be.

  • -How you protest is at least as important as what you protest.

  • -A lot of preppers and survivalists are phonies.

  • -Certain business models are on the way out. Coronavirus only hastened the inevitable.

  • -Either-or thinking is counterproductive and dangerous. The economy, civil liberties and public health are not wholly separate issues, but are inextricably intertwined. The way forward is through the middle ground between keeping things tightly locked down and completely re-opening for business as usual.

  • -China is a menace to the United States. Indeed, the would-be Sino superpower is a bad actor – the worst – on the world stage and should be treated as such.

  • -Many folks in the mainstream media and academia carry water for the Chinese government as part of their blame-America-first mentality. It's a repeat of journalists and intellectuals siding with the Soviet Union over America during the Cold War.

  • -Many of our elected leaders and other officials are way too risk-averse when it comes to making hard decisions.

  • -Petty tyrants abound at all levels of government.

  • -Far too many Americans are wannabe Fox Mulders who believe in highly-improbable, outlandish conspiracy theories.

  • -A frightening number of Americans think any and all video content on YouTube is sacrosanct.

  • -A lot of Americans falsely fancy themselves experts on topics they clearly have no real depth of knowledge about.

  • -Armchair authorities and keyboard warriors will defend to the end placing bets early on that this whole thing is either a nothing burger or a hoax, all evidence to the contrary ignored or downplayed.

  • -An uncomfortable number of Americans are tattletales who have no problem informing on their fellow citizens out of sheer spite or to gain a business advantage over the competition.

  • -The identity politics crowd will paint minorities and women as uniquely victimized no matter what.  
Brett Davis

Posted on May 12, 2020 21:13


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Source: WUSA

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