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Coming Up With Solutions That Can Help Against Global Warming

Odette Perez

Posted on April 10, 2018 14:58

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Among having tons of health benefits, including being an antioxidant, the acai berry is also being used to help the environment.

With the effect of Global Warming and concerns over the environment, it's great to hear about companies big and small that are trying to do their part in preserving our resources by figuring out alternative ways to produce energy. This said, there are two companies doing just that and it's a game changer.

Companies like Mexico's Nopalimexknown for producing corn and nopales (cactus) chips and tortillas has figured out a way to make their own bio-fuel made from manure and—you guessed it, nopales (cactus). Mexico isn't the only company thinking outside the box tough.

California based company, Sambazon is turning heads and not just for their delicious organic Acai (ah-sigh-ee). 

Sambazon is founded by brothers Jeremy and Ryan Black and their friend Ed Nichols. The three set out to find the best tasting acai berry with the best flavor, and found the little purple berry deep in the heart of the amazon rain forest in Brazil.

An Acai Bowl made with Sambazon acai (Photo Credit: Odette Perez)
Acai Bowl

Those bowls filled with purple goodness covered in fruit, granola and honey that you'll spot posted on practically every post on Instagram—those are acai bowls. The small purple acai berry has tons of health benefits and is also helping the environment.

Sambazon is mostly known for their organic acai products that include:

  • Acai packs (with a sugar free option)
  • Acai energy drinks
  • Organic fresh juices
  • Acai frozen sorbet (new and out in markets now)
Sambazon organic acai juice (Photo Credit: Odette Perez)

Sambazon organic acai packs (Photo Credit: Odette Perez)

Sambazon is not only producing the best organic acai (with awards to prove it), but they're also helping the people of the Brazilian Amazon by supplying them with jobs and has thus far employed over 30,000 people. 

Not wasting any part of the acai seeds, Sambazon has also partnered up with local women in Brazil that make jewelry and have been crafting beautiful jewelry out of wood using the acai seeds. Another environmentally step forward to preserving the amazon, Sambazon makes sure that the acai seeds are carefully removed from the palm trees so that they won't have to cut down the trees, and the palm leaves are used to make products like baskets. 

Acai seeds put to good use

Sambazon has figured out a way to put the acai seeds to good use and has single-handedly been able to convert the acai seeds into fuel to fully run their factory in Brazil. Yup, you're reading correctly—Sambazon is running their factory in Brazil off of fuel created by the acai seeds. Mind Blowing, I know!

When fuel is burned to produce power or heat, it creates methane, which is bad for our environment and atmosphere. Many believe that Global Warming is a hoax, but the effect it's causing is real and the heat and high temperatures felt around the world if true. 

What if mankind can work together and figure out ways to create energy just like Nopalimex and Sambazon has done? Perhaps working together and pulling our resources can help or at least slow down the disastrous climate change.

Odette Perez

Posted on April 10, 2018 14:58


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