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Jeff Hall

Posted on October 5, 2017 22:13

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We had our first "Club LATEST" gathering, in Chicago.


From Chicago: Roman Gomez, Susan Shor, Jeff Hall and Steve Rhodes. has writers from all over. 

I think that's one of the things that makes THE LATEST interesting.  We have real diversity.

On our writing team, we have: old and young; male and female; liberal, moderate and conservative; all ethnicities; and all kinds of geographic representation.

I live in LA, but I'm in Chicago as I write this.  I'm here to meet my grandson, James Eppley, for the first time.  He's a month old now.  See his photo, below.

Before coming, I sent an email to our writers who live in the Chicago area.  Three showed up at Logan Bar in the Logan Square area of Chicago: Steve Rhodes, Susan Shor and Roman Gomez. 

Including me, that made four of us.

We discussed politics, the current state of media, millennials and more.

Steve Rhodes, 52, thinks the millennials are perhaps the greatest generation ever, because they do racial diversity so well. 

Steve runs a website called He knows a lot about sports, media and politics.  He used to write for Newsweek Magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

Roman Gomez, 19, is a communication major at UIC (University of Illinois, Chicago). 

Roman is concerned that too much time on social media is leading some to become depressed when they might otherwise not be.

It's almost like people talk themselves into being depressed, because so many others seem to be, he said.

Susan Shor has worked for community newspapers in the past -- as have Steve Rhodes and I -- and she's concerned that today's young people spend too much time on social media or playing video games. 

Susan is now writing questions for an educational testing site and told us that even writing questions can be controversial these days.  One must be careful to not put forward questions that some, because of their life experience, might not understand.

For my part, I told the Chicago team I thought THE LATEST was off to a good start, and that I was very pleased with the mix of writers we are assembling. 

It's time for the company to raise money, I said, so we can do more with social media, videos and podcasts.  We need to get the word out, tell people we exist.

While I have aspirations of creating a multimedia powerhouse, I never want us to lose sight of our roots.  It's the people who will make this great.  

Most media outlets have their resident experts who weigh in with very predictable comments, I believe.  Many "talking heads" are paid to represent a position.  At THE LATEST, I learn something new every day -- from real people. 

We are at the very beginning of the very beginning. 

I like the idea that anywhere any of us goes, there will likely be members of "TEAM LATEST" who want to explore what's new, move things forward.

Join our community.  Free thinking is welcome here!