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Climate Chicanery

John Rowland

Posted on March 31, 2019 11:14

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Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder and 15-year leader of Greenpeace, recently said much of the "climate crisis" animating many of today's central planners, “is not only fake news. It’s fake science.”

Dr. Moore exposes that most of the "scientists" yelling "crisis" are on "perpetual government grants"; so-called scientists saying that the science is "settled," yet continually sucking government funding to keep on studying it forever.

Teamed up with other tyrannical central planners (e.g. EPA), the too-big-to-jail banks are also salivating to get in on the financial booty that massive intervention by authoritarian force would entail -- all to squeeze more billions from the taxpayers.

With big money and power on the table, objectivity's out; greed and bias are in.

Dr. Moore now sits as a Director of an educational body based on scientific findings.

The luminaries leading his group have extraordinary academic and technical credentials, and come from various backgrounds.

But Moore knows that the climate has changed -- naturally -- since forever. He neither dismisses its importance nor denies its reality, despite the confusing contradiction of those who claim that other disagreeing individuals do both at once.

He has the interesting perspective that the CO2 being currently produced was taken out of the atmosphere and oceans millions of years ago, and stored in sediments; it's now being released back into the atmosphere where it can fertilize life on Earth.

Referencing AOC's money-is-Green New Deal, Moore further states that summarily doing away with fossil fuels would help starve many of the planet's 8 billion people to death.

AOC was DOA this week as the Senate voted down her Politburo scheme: 57-0.

Some "climate change" activists state that being Green "requires the end of capitalism." Very creepy.

Never mind that capitalism (however defined) has actually done a lot to alleviate global poverty.

CO2 levels and the climate have changed over the eons. It's the why behind the change; the climate didn't change tens of thousands of years ago because of human activity: a piddly number of people living in caves passing gas, or by their little camp fires. Certainly not their SUVs.

Water vapor and methane are stronger greenhouse gases than CO2 -- the boogeyman.

Over time, on-land and undersea volcanoes have emitted more acid and gas than the Industrial Revolution ever could.

Fear tags -- climategate to some -- have included "global warming"; the poor polar bears in an ice-free Arctic; and then "snow will be a thing of the past." Tell this one to the Midwest flood victims suffering from the runoff of melt from heavy snow.

And when these predictions failed . . . "climate change." Oopsie.

The sun warms the planet; one doesn't need a Ph.D. to understand this.

Many rail on about CO2 levels over time, but still never include the sun and its cycles. No money in that.

Voilà the deniers: that the sun itself serves as a universal driver in conditions on Earth.

Moore's solutions include trees.

Far from emphasizing that CO2 is devastating for plants, Dr. Moore believes that "Trees are the Answer": an insight into how forests work and how they can play a powerful positive role in the environment.

John Rowland

Posted on March 31, 2019 11:14


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