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CES: Pretty Darned Amazing

Jeff Hall

Posted on January 11, 2020 16:55

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For years people have been telling me I should go to the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, held each year in Las Vegas. I finally made it. It was amazing, overwhelming -- and inspiring, really.

Coming soon from the U.K. -- electric, with self-driving option.

First impression: the exhibition halls are stunningly huge. And to get from one exhibition to another can take a half-hour – or even longer, since some are partway across town.

It would take weeks to see it all, so you really have to pick and choose your priorities, since it all comes and goes in four days.

I like the startup world and spent most of my time in Eureka Hall, where new ideas and products were on display.  I heard there were over 4,000 exhibitor booths.


This device pulls you along underwater.


I saw drones, self-driving electric vehicles and all kinds of monitors for your house, kitchen and body.

Someone just asked me which one idea stood out most.  I can answer that one quickly.

I tried two language translation devices – one (Accudio by uses earbuds, another (see hangs over your ear.

Translations you can instantly read and hear.

Several people, all speaking different languages, can stand close to one another and talk to each other – and understand each other.

The person speaking pushes a button on the device while talking and then releases the button when done. An app-enabled phone allows each participant to hear the conversation in his or her own native language.

The lag time from finishing one’s statement to hearing it was maybe 3-4 seconds.  I can definitely see how this technology will make life better for tourists, business people, event organizers and governmental officials.

The starting price in both cases: less than $200

Party time!  This cooler comes with a sound system.


I also liked a new alarm clock called Loftie (see  It emits light and sound that gently wakes you in the morning – and, with different lights and sounds – lulls you to sleep at night.

There were several personal sleep monitors displayed at CES, all designed to help people sleep better (see

Use your imagination and ComePlay!


It was impossible not to get drawn in by Piri Miller, CEO of as she discussed her new device, Petl, that helps women achieve better orgasms.  TV comedy show producers take note: Piri makes this whole subject funny as hell – invite her to make a guest appearance!


Let's move!

Another product, QNI (see will get kids to put down their phones and tablets and get physical on a digital floormat that encourages kids to run, jump, think – and engage with other kids, even.


Taking gaming to a new level.

A French company,, offers a very simple TV-based phone service, kind of like Skype or FaceTime, that’s designed for easy use by older individuals.

Quibi gave a preview of its new “quick bite” mobile content system which debuts April 6; Quibi is clearly going to be a big deal – a true reinvention of media as we know it.

Anatole Shae (, from Russia, and Nikolai Mentchoukov (, originally from Russia, now a U.S. citizen.


Jeff Hall

Posted on January 11, 2020 16:55


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