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Californians for President!

Jeff Hall

Posted on January 23, 2018 16:11

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If you want to know where the rest of the country will be 20 years from now, people should look at California today.

Stories are starting to appear in the media that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti might run for president. 

People say he’s very smart, he does his homework and he knows where he wants to go.

He’s also fluent in Spanish, he joined the Navy Reserves and he is part Mexican, part Italian and part Jewish. That’s a lot of boxes he can check.

He’s also viewed as calm, deliberative and possibly a tad cautious. I have a feeling that by 2020 those qualities will be in very much in demand.

Of course, California is a big state and offers much diversity. There’s talk that Oprah Winfrey, who lives in Montecito, might run.

She can go toe-to-toe with Trump when it comes to celebrity status, camera presence, name recognition and money made.

Unlike Trump, she started with nothing, she’s female and she’s black. So she gets to check some boxes, too.

People say Governor Jerry Brown will be too old to run for president. He's now 79.

He still seems as sharp as ever, maybe even sharper — because at his age, he doesn’t much care what people think of him.

That’s very liberating. He can say what he thinks — and he often does.

Brown took the lead on environmental and alternative energy issues long before most took all this seriously.

He has made cap and trade work and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work elsewhere.

He has the courage to raise taxes when necessary and invest in infrastructure — things we all know we need.

And, unlike many Democrats, Brown is very tight-fisted. He inherited a terrible deficit and will leave a nice surplus in place when he retires in January of 2019.

Republicans should love the guy if fiscal responsibility is something they still value. It’s getting harder and harder to tell these days if that's still the case.

Benjamin Franklin was 81 while attending the Constitutional Convention of 1787. I think it’s time we made it official: 80 is the new 60!

Kamala Harris gets some buzz, as do Tom Steyer and Mark Zuckerberg. Gavin Newsom is running for governor, but he's still young — just 50. He gives a good speech. 

California gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Many think, had it not been for Watergate, Nixon would be viewed as a very pragmatic centrist.

By today's standards, Ronald Reagan was a real moderate, too.  He shared cocktails with Tip O'Neill at the end of the day; the former actor was a real charmer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to run, but because he was born in Austria, he couldn't. 

California offers much to the national conversation.  Jerry Brown likes to say if you want to know where the rest of the country will be 20 years from now, people should look at California today.  I hope he keeps nudging us a while longer.


Jeff Hall

Posted on January 23, 2018 16:11


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