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BAX-U: Stand Straighter, Walk Taller, Feel Better

Jeff Hall

Posted on August 3, 2018 18:29

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And to my second grade teacher up in heaven -- whose name I don’t recall -- I say: "Better late than never!"

All my life, I’ve been told I have crummy posture.  A second-grade teacher used to swat me from behind as she walked by my chair, causing me to sit up straight.

A while back I met Dr. Romina Ghassemi, a chiropractor who is now selling a cloth-and-elastic device that, when worn, causes people to stand up straighter.

It’s called BAX-U (see

The posture improvement device is unisex and worn under one's clothing.


You put it on beneath your clothes – nobody can see that you are wearing it. 

But people might notice you are walking a little taller.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to host a conference, an all-day event I moderated. 

“Dr. G” was there. 

Moments before the event was to start, she grabbed me by the arm and walked me into a back room.

She insisted on “strapping me in” before the event.

Off with my shirt, she instructed.

I told her I was a little embarrassed – she was about to see how chubby I was.

She said, as a chiropractor, she had seen it all. 

Off came the shirt.