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Bad News = Good News According to the News

Gabriel Perez

Posted on April 26, 2018 11:45

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A positive look at the news and the 50 day challenge of Pentecost.

Have you ever wondered why it is that most of the time bad news is celebrated, and good news is not?

You know what I mean, don’t you? 

I’m talking about not only the news media…but also news in general.

Like this:

  • CNN
  • Fox
  • Your local news
  • Co-worker news
  • Neighborhood gossip
  • Your own family

What is it that compels us to gravitate towards negativity?

I truly believe this attraction to the wrong end of the spectrum is one of the main reasons God stepped in, purposely sent his Son into the world, and specifically said (totally paraphrased), “Hey everyone, good news! I love you!”

We need that message in our lives, now more than ever.

When I was in college studying journalism, I was told ‘Dog bites man,’ is an okay story, but ‘Man bites dog,’ is news worth sharing. It wasn’t until many years later that a thought came to me. Both of these stories are negative, and both are really not worth sharing. How come we don’t hear, ‘Man pets dog, and dog is happy (every single day) when man comes home!’

Now that’s something to read!

Or, how come we hear things like ‘The unemployment rate is currently at 4.1 percent,’ (which isn’t too shabby), but we don’t hear the opposite, the employment rate for the U.S. is a whopping 95.9 percent!

How cool would that be?

I guess I’ve been thinking about all of this because ever since Easter (a.k.a. Resurrection Sunday) we all have been on a journey towards Pentecost. 

Ahh, Pentecost, a totally overlooked Christian (and Jewish) holiday that too many Christians yawn past and don’t even take notice of. How do I know this? Because I used to be one of those Christians…

…but Good News everyone! Not anymore!

That’s right.  I have learned (thanks to my wonderful church that I attend), that the 50 day journey that culminates to Pentecost is a journey all about doing good for others. 

Nowadays, kids would probably relate to this by calling it a 50 Day Challenge of sorts. Kind of like the Tide Pod Challenge, only without the Tide Pods, lasting 50 days, and with no danger of being rushed to the hospital!

In any case, I am up for the challenge. I want to go out of my way to do good for others during this season. I would love for this to become such a habit that I continue it even after Pentecost, because really, isn’t that the point?

Christians ought to do good in this world. We should strive to be the Light of the world and the Salt of the earth. It’s really what we are called to do.

We are also called to spread the good news, even if many people don’t want to hear it, or are even bored by it. So here I am, letting the world know, good news is quite okay with me!

So, just a recap: do good, and let others know it!

Gabriel Perez

Posted on April 26, 2018 11:45


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Source: ABC Boston

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