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Bacon is Bad? We'll See.

Jeff Hall

Posted on October 27, 2015 19:06

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If we wait a few years, the experts might tell us bacon, smoking and whiskey are good for us. So do we really want to stop eating bacon in the meantime?

Doesn't it seem like every few years the experts make some new pronouncement, basically admitting they'd had it wrong for a very long time?

Or did they?

What goes around comes around.  If something that was good yesterday is considered bad today, be patient: it might just be good again one of these days.

A few years ago everyone was gaga over the Atkins Diet -- no carbs, no bread, no potatoes, no rice, etc.  But meat, meat, meat and more meat was good.  All that protein was good for you, right? 

I was listening to a debate on NPR at the time about whether the Atkins Diet was good for you or not, and one nutritionist said if potatoes and rice were bad for us, God wouldn't have put them on this earth for us to eat. 

Does anyone really want to argue with God?

Apparently they do, because now red meat is bad.  God put the cows here, too. 

But potatoes and rice are OK again.  And now Atkins is viewed as B-A-D for you.  It's so confusing.

Orange juice was once good.  Then it was bad -- lots of sugar. 

It seems like orange juice should be OK.  It comes from oranges, right?  Are oranges bad?

Red wine was good for you, then it was bad.  Now it's good again.  In moderation, anyway. 

"All things in moderation."  That's what the ancients said.  Why mess with a philosophy that has stood the test of time?

So, in keeping with that philosophy, let's all agree a little bacon now and then is good for us. 

We like the stuff.  It puts us in a better mood, and we all get along better when we're happier, right?  That's gotta be worth something. 

It might be worth a lot, actually.  Worrying about cancer is a drag.  If we worry too much, we become depressed.  Experts say depression can lead to cancer. 

So maybe bacon actually helps PREVENT cancer, because people who eat bacon are happier. 

What we really need is a daily dose of -- you guessed it -- bacon. 

In moderation, of course.





Jeff Hall

Posted on October 27, 2015 19:06


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