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Are You a Writer?

Jeff Hall

Posted on May 24, 2017 14:20

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Got something to say? Can you say it with style? Consider writing "THE LATEST THINKING" (opinion pieces) for

Are you knowledgeable and passionate about a topic?  Do you like to write?  Are you a good writer?

If so, we invite you to try your hand at writing "THE LATEST THINKING" pieces on the topic of your choice.

Before we get into the details of that, let's review the highlights of our new site,

THE LATEST does several things that we think, in combination, make us new and different:

1) makes it really quick and easy to find the news you want, on any topic, all in one place. The site is extraordinarily convenient, saving time.

2) THE LATEST has no political bias.  We show stories from all points of view -- moderate, liberal, conservative.  We showcase a wide range of commentators, as well.

3) We have solved the problem of fake news, we don't do pop-up ads, we don't bother you with videos that just start playing on their own.  We also don't invade your privacy. 

4) is very much "of the people."  Our commentators include school teachers, business professionals, a former gang member, two PhDs, a barrista, a fashion blogger, a foodie, several political junkies, a basketball nut and a comic book movie reviewer.  Our commentators come from all across the U.S. and we're just getting started; your opinion is welcome as well. 

5) You can personalize THE LATEST.  Save stories and read them later.  Find out what's happening in any of the top 100 cities in America.  Set up ongoing searches.  See what your favorite writers are saying today.  Be sure to check out "MY LATEST" to see how this works. 

OK, back to writing. 

We are signing up writers to write opinion pieces we call "THE LATEST THINKING."  Our site's aggregator generates plenty of news, so we're not looking for original reporting just yet.

What we want now are people to talk about the news -- to explain things, give us perspective, tell us what might happen next -- or what should happen next.  If you know about some new idea, product or trend you want to tell our writers about, that's perfect.

Many say they want to write.  Some write one or two pieces and then fade away.  Others really aren't great writers, as it turns out.  And some simply don't like to write; they view it as a form of torture.  This isn't for everyone, we get that.

We're looking for smart people who know their subjects and who have something to say.  We're hoping to attract writers who can commit to writing one or two opinion pieces a week of up to 500 words each.  You have to be good with spelling, fact-checking, punctuation and grammar. 

This should sound like fun for the right person.  We can link back to your site or blog, if you have one.


If yes, send us an email to: [email protected]

Tell us a bit about yourself, what you want to write about. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Jeff Hall, Editor in Chief




Jeff Hall

Posted on May 24, 2017 14:20


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