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Coming Soon: (We're Completely Neutral!)

Jeff Hall

Posted on July 6, 2018 13:21

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Making it easy for you to find the news you want on any topic was always the core idea behind THE LATEST. But it's our policy of political neutrality that's generating the most buzz. Coming soon:

The original idea behind was to make it really easy to find whatever information you wanted, on any topic, all in one place.

While simplicity is one of our core values, it’s our policy of political neutrality that seems to be generating the most buzz. 

If it’s a political story, THE LATEST shows how liberal, moderate and conservative sources are all playing the same story -- side by side. 

We do the same with our opinion writers.  So long as people are respectful in how they express themselves – and so long as they stick to real facts while making their points – all points of view are welcome at THE LATEST.

We want to get people talking again.

Many tell us they think we should break out a new site devoted 100 percent to politics because our policy of neutrality gets lost in the shuffle, because THE LATEST covers so many topics.

We are now working on a second site,  Here's a video preview showing our political neutrality in action: 

At THE LATEST, we have a team of “true believers.” 

This includes a core editing staff, some marketing people – and several hundred writers from all across America -- and even the world -- who produce the opinion pieces we call “THE LATEST THINKING.” 

Many of these folks have some pretty amazing things to say.  They might not be viewed as "experts" -- but maybe they are smarter, really.  Many so-called "experts" got us into this mess; do we really want to rely on them to get us out of it?

We hope to raise money soon so we can pay a few people – and market ourselves properly.  Right now, we have a site that people like – but that very few know about. 

We need to build traffic -- and that will take money.

But taking investment capital from outside parties is tricky. 

We would hate to take money from someone and then have that person or entity try to get us to veer from our policy of political neutrality.

We think our unbiased approach to politics is the primary reason people like THE LATEST. 

We also like giving everyday people a voice.  So remaining independent is important to us.

What if we, the people, owned our OWN media outlet, completely free of political agendas, fake news and pop-up ads?

Toward that end, we are exploring crowdfunding as a way of raising money.  Stay tuned.

Getting a national conversation started is how this begins. But I hope we do more than talk.

I hope one day becomes a source for actual policy proposals that move things forward. 

On the pages of, we can conduct the debates, crunch the numbers, forge the necessary compromises -- all in a bipartisan (or non-partisan) way. 

Then our community can rally around these common sense proposals. 

I can tell from the feedback we're getting, there is a LOT of support for this.

If you’d like to discuss any of this, drop me a line at [email protected]



Jeff Hall

Posted on July 6, 2018 13:21


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