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A Trinity of Obsolescence: Hyde-Smith, Clinton, Pelosi

Robin Alexander

Posted on November 29, 2018 12:11

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There are 3 "women of a certain age” lately in the news (call me ageist, I don’t care; I am in their age range and that’s partly what irks me). So I'm targeting this trinity of obsolescence. “A certain age” doesn’t mean youth and beauty are gone. It means relevance is gone. We can be relevant at any age, and we can be dried up and dangerous at any age. Time to turn in your dance cards ladies.

The Brand-Spanking-New Mississippi Senator: Cindy Hyde-Smith

Even if you aren’t from this state, spelling it creates a certain rhythmic joy for kids – something akin to jump rope and patty cake. Even now as I type it, I am transported and I can’t help but hear the jingle.

Much has happened between then and now.

Does any other state so perfectly symbolize all that makes us ashamed? (Okay, maybe a few others). This is a state whose people often glorify the dissolution of our union with statues and re-enactments, oh yes, and voter suppression. This is a state that still hasn’t come to terms with its demons, let alone taken responsibility, let alone made amends.

How else can we explain the election of Hyde-Smith with her reference to public hanging, and penchant for personal segregation?

I suppose I could take heart from the fact that Espy didn’t do too badly, and the knowledge that the South draws the line at pedophilia.

Two-Time Presidential Loser: Hillary Clinton

Cast of characters:                     

1. Brown people bombed by the West, causing an influx of refugees to comparatively stable European countries and the U.S.

2. European workers suffering from austerity caused by neo-liberal economics.

(Both create wealth for the 1%).

Enter Hillary, stage left (recent interview with The Guardian),urging leaders to stop the flow of refugees, as they are responsible for the rise of right-wing populists (some of Hyde-Smith’s constituency?).

Clinton actually encouraged disempowered workers to blame their problems on refugees (not on banks and governments). Yesterday, neo-Nazis marched once again in the streets of Germany.

Never mind stopping the wars that create refugees; never mind helping the workers - which might diffuse their frustration, anger and hatred. Just block refugees! (Does it matter who we elect?)

Maybe Clinton’s afraid of how refugees will eventually vote. Or, maybe this is some convoluted political strategy. See tweet below:


Exit Hillary, stage right.

Democratic Dowager since 2003: Nancy Pelosi

The midterms delivered the House to the Democrats via a small but respectable wave; its diverse and progressive saltiness provided some much needed hope, especially after the hundreds of seats lost in local, state and federal elections during Pelosi’s tenure.

(That’s why Trump heartily supported her for Speaker).

With Pelosi’s post-midterm speech, the wave faded into soft ripples on a lake. She promised unity and bi-partisanship. Today that means leaning heavily to the right; and why not? Pelosi and the right are subsidized by the same corporations.

Not one policy was mentioned in that speech. As usual, Pelosi offered platitudes, and platitudes were not what Democratic winners ran on.

She doesn’t support ending war, a living wage, free education, or Medicare for all. Forget taking strong stands on anything. She’s paid not to.

As Speaker nominee, the lake is freezing over. What has Pelosi offered the new Congressional progressives in exchange for their backing? Committee appointments. That’s her strategy for getting the vote out in 2020.

Truly exciting.


Robin Alexander

Posted on November 29, 2018 12:11


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