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Jeff Hall,
CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Jeff is an old-fashioned newspaper guy. He believes in simplicity, balance, fairness and mutual respect. He wants to stay pure and become everyone’s new home page. See profile
Ann Fenton,
Managing Editor
Ann graduated with a B.S. from NYU with honors, and earned her law degree from Loyola University Chicago. She is an experienced editor, ex-lawyer, former Marine and semi-talented home cook. She currently lives abroad. See profile
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Heidi Hayward,
Heidi Hayward started in local TV news and has worked as a writer, a video producer, on-camera interviewer/host and a standup comic. Heidi is originally from Montana.
Reilly Sakai,
Managing Editor, Lifestyle/Extra
Reilly Sakai is a Los Angeles native who has spent time in New York and San Francisco. An avid traveler, she’s always seeking out new food spots and street style trends. See profile
Jean Kim,
Managing Editor, Top Stories.
Jean Kim is a freelance opinion writer and editor for where she writes about everything from the latest news to book reviews. Jean also keeps up a personal blog and manages offices. See profile
Video Editor
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Karl Susman,
Technology Guru
Karl Susman is everybody’s tech “go to” person when it comes to technology.  He knows all about THE LATEST (and greatest) gadgets not yet available. See profile
Tammie Wilson,
Director of Administration
Tammie Wilson brings to TheLatest 25+ years of executive level support to include companies such as Major League Baseball, AAA of Southern California and JCPenney Corporate. See profile
Alison Martin,
Communications Director
Alison is a writer, editor, and creative strategist. She has a background in English education, and she enjoys writing about THE LATEST happenings in politics. See profile
Creative Director
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Venezuela; CPE Lyon
Kodetec is a software development firm in Venezuela that built THE LATEST, with huge help from our many student interns (masters degree students in computer science) from CPE Lyon, in France.
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Leo Wolinsky
Leo Wolinsky is a life-long journalist who wrote, reported, edited and ran the newsroom at the Los Angeles Times and Daily Variety. He directed teams that won 2 Pulitzer Prizes and sees journalism as a way to empower people. See profile
Lori Brookhart-Schervish
Lori got her start at the Brentwood News, a community newspaper. She went on to become a digital editor with Meredith Corporation and now creates content for 1,000 Friends of Iowa.
Ned Nalle
Ned is a content producer and former President of Universal Worldwide Television. He creatively supervises ION Television’s original drama programs, advises, as well as The American Film Institute, China Movie Channel and Billy Jack Rights, LLC.
Rick McCay,
Rick is a finance and real-estate professional currently building an online platform whose goal is to make it easier for institutional investors to find real estate deals. Rick has a CPA.
Social Media Adviser
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Benjamin Franklin
Will Rogers
Walter Cronkite
Steve Jobs
Gwen Ifill
Mark Twain

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