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Hello there. 

I'm Tanvi, a student of STEM, (biological sciences in particular), and I am a writer.

Be it a grisly sonnet, a meticulous lab report, a flowery love letter, or an informative political opinion, words ebb and flow naturally from me. The writing you will see here is going to lean towards politics; in a world as divested as ours, proper information and historical anecdotes have never been more important. I stand here today, laptop in hand, ready to explain and inform readers on the various political affairs transpiring all across the world. 

It might seem a tad dramatic to say, but long after all of us are gone, history remains; sempiternal and unchanged by bickering and the gerrymandering of truth. Real information must be relayed in times like these; misinformation has no place in our society. As long as I have breath, I aim to widen your approach on current affairs through my prose. 

I can only hope you'll enjoy my writing. 

 A little poem I like, in the context of having free speech in today's world.

 A lady first, the great first lady

     Looked fear in the face,

And said, There is no room for fear

     When courage take its place.


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