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In 150 BC, Viriathus lived in the Iberian Peninsula where he was a worthy warrior of the Lusitanian tribe. After being lured into a trap, his brethren were massacred by the local Roman governor Servius Sulpicius Galba, and Viriathus became the head of the Lusitanian army. During the subsequent War of Fire, he inflicted several defeats to the Roman Empire which longed for Lusitania's rich lands. By 139 BC, total victory was close. When he sent Audax, Ditalcus and Minurus as peace envoys to Quintus Servilius Caepio, Viriathus was confident an agreement was near. Caepio knew that if the leader of the resistance were killed, the Lusitanian army would collapse, so he bribed Viriathus' ambassadors who betrayed their leader, killing him in his sleep. Lusitania fell to Rome. Viriathus became a symbol of independence and resistance to tyranny.

2157 years later, Pedro Jacob agrees to write a weekly opinion column for The Latest. Coincidence? Quite possibly.

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