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Shannon Goble Jerez

Country United States - Nevada


Shannon Goble Jerez was born in Provo, UT to amazing parents who encouraged her and her 4 siblings to reach for the highest level of education and discover the world at every step. She graduated from Utah Valley University with an Associates degrees in political science and history. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of Utah. After many internships that seemed to get her nowhere, Shannon moved to Roswell, NM where she worked as the political and education reporter for the Roswell Daily Record. The Roswell Daily Record editor gave her a great opportunity to cover the 2004 presidential, state and local elections. After this amazing experience, Shannon moved back to Utah to work for the Environmental Planning Group, LLC as a public involvement specialist. She also worked for the Deseret Morning News as a freelance features writer. She married and move to Henderson, NV in 2006. She now is a mother of 4 and writes and edits in her free time.

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