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My story, in a nutshell: I’ve been a writer in one form or another for most of my life (web content, poems, short stories, ten-minute plays, technical manuals, training and marketing materials, 20-page papers in the PhD program for Comparative Literature, and yes essays and articles). I was associate editor for the township newspaper in Somerset, New Jersey for two years while attending grad school at Rutgers. Research, analysis, and interviews are part of my training and what I do every day.

I’ve been a teacher for middle school, high school, junior college and university students. I’ve also acted, choreographed, and directed musical theatre for teen and adult amateurs. I love amateurs! In the fall of 2015 I became obsessed with politics.

The best way to fully form an opinion is to write about it; I love watching the seed of some notion evolve in front of my eyes as I type; I love the research and the learning I get from it; and I love the interplay of the words.

I have three fantastic children, all grown, who constantly amaze me and warm my heart – even when we don’t agree.

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Dear Straight Men:

September 26, 2018

Roe v Kavanaugh

September 07, 2018

Hospital Hostage

April 06, 2018

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