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Riddhi Punamiya

Country United Arab Emirates - Dubai 


A senior student in Gems Modern Academy, Riddhi is one of the highest performing students. An award-winning member of multiple extra-curricular activities such as debate, junior and MUN, she possesses skills in communication, editing, media presentation and organization.

A fierce advocate for universal rights and free speech, she understands better than anyone else the importance of standing up against forces even when they seem too big. She understands the struggles of her generation and why so many millennials have chosen to alienate themselves from politics. As an aspiring lawyer, she has a wealth of experience in roles that require cognitive and communicative skills. Her experiences have enabled her to efficiently analyze gather statistical data and other information.

When she is not glued to her computer, one can usually find her burning the kitchen down due to a baking mishap or trying to find interesting movies on Netflix. As an avid Harry Potter fan, Riddhi believes that even when things seem dark, hope and advocacy can go a long way in fighting for what’s right and she will make sure that her editorial pieces go a long way in ensuring that a relatable investigation is made available to each and every reader.

Opinion , Top Stories , entertainment , States , sports , lifestyle , extra , MyLocal , crypto , hottopics , others , Federal , breakingnews , Just In .


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