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My Name is Pearl Manandar and I'm from Manchester, Connecticut. I complete two years since i relocated to the United states from India. My background in corporate communications, human resources and management has given me the opportunity to travel to different corners all over the globe. It remains my passion till date to immerse myself in different cultures and observe the people there. My corporate life from 9 to 5 has helped me understand the finer nuances of various business domains. Over here, I'm part of the project management team for the Waste services industry.

The rest of the time allows me to pursue a few of my other passions such as dance, dramatics and writing. I'm trying to be the voracious reader that i used to be and learning to acquaint myself to the new life I have here.I grew up in a crowded and big city called Mumbai which is in India and was used to the fast pace life back home.  Contrary to that, i absolutely love the quiet little town that i live here with my husband and am getting accustomed to the peace and tranquility it provides.

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