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Marlene (Mickey) Geiser was born in New York City on December 23, 1934. She was a college professor for most of her adult life, teaching in both Illinois and Las Vegas. 

Mickey spent her early years growing up in Manhattan, and was a scholarship student at the Julliard School of Music from the time she was five years of age. She studied piano and music theory, developing an intense love of music that has remained with her all of her life. As a passionate lover of the Opera, after moving to Illinois when her children were quite young, Mrs. Geiser and her first husband had season tickets at the Lyric Opera where she was fortunate to have heard some of the great stars of the Opera world singing many of the operas she continues to love. 

In addition, this woman’s multi-colored life includes attending the High School of Performing Arts in New York, and was in the first class as a drama major, studying with some fine teachers such as Sydney Lumet, who subsequently became a prominent movie director in Hollywood. Her fellow students included Dom Deluise, Herb and Rita Gardner, and many others who have made their mark on the theater world. 

Professor Geiser has taught Philosophy, American Politics, Political Theory, Ethics, Religion and Critical Thinking, and designed her own class in Political Philosophy. After teaching in Illinois, where she lived for over thirty years, she and her present husband moved to Las Vegas where she taught at both UNLV and the Community College of Southern Nevada, continuing along the same path she had taken back in Illinois. 

Mickey has published a number of children’s books, as well as a book of poetry, and since she retired from teaching, has filled her days with writing poetry, and tutoring for the Call program that is part of the Las Vegas Library system. This program is devoted to helping individuals who need assistance in learning the English language, and she has found the experience extremely fulfilling. 

After discovering “The Latest”, Mickey has discovered a new niche for her creative writing abilities, and looks forward to writing articles that its readers will find helpful and interesting.



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