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As an award winning screenwriter/playwright, professional theatre reviewer and former editor with Tiffany & Co., Mr. Rogers has repurposed his varied colorful experiences from his previous life as a commercial actor, into being a curator of cultural review and sociopolitical pundit. After earning his BA in Theatre Performance/Creative Writing, training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and having lived in five major cities (domestic and abroad), this Afro-Native American dramatist is newly returned to his native New York City entanglement of roots, so that he might focus on drafting narratives and essays that are politically invested, socially 'woke', and culturally propulsive and true. He hopes of someday expanding the theme's of his blog, Witchdraft, into running his own lifestyle brand and marketplace targeting other disillusioned, ageing, multi-cultural millennials ready to break the rusty hamster wheel that was the American dream, with a signature timbre and from an uncanny perspective that are both unique and singularly his.

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