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Ken Bone is the red sweater wearing self identified "former meme" from the 2016 Presidential debate cycle. He describes himself as aggressively moderate, which is one of the leading factors in his being labelled the face of undecided voterdom in the Trump-Clinton election. His mid-western upbringing coupled with his (very) brief brush with fame give him a somewhat unique yet strangely relatable viewpoint on any issue from any side of the aisle that he might choose to tackle. The only issue he refuses to weigh in on is the matter of who he voted for.

Ken works in the electric power industry at a coal fired generation facility. He lives in the suburbs of St Louis with his wife and their teenage son. He also hosts a podcast with his close friend and superior writer Joshua Burkett.  You can find it at If you are looking for a list of what makes him qualified to write for The Latest, you're going to be disappointed. It turns out he doesn't need qualifications to be opinionated, and neither do you.

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