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My boys think of me as an excellent climber, most at home in a tree making monkey noises. They say I'm a great hugger, that I sing the "name song" and make peanut butter cookies better than grandma, and that my Rip Stick is the coolest thing since baseball. They find me funny, foolish, and flat-out fantastic.

When asked what I do their answers vary. Sometimes they remember "mama's kitchen" and the boss I was back in my restaurant days. And sometimes they brag about my current job loading packages part-time for UPS. The differences between the two- the time, the money, the so-called fall from grace- these things, they do not register with them. In their eyes I am every bit the boss I've ever been, to be sure.

I have been a great many things, worn many hats, some I'm quite fond of and some I'd much rather forget entirely. But my boys adore it all. No matter if said hat brought fame...or shame...they are simply amazed- and clambering to be the first to try on my mad hatters hat. They still want to marry me, you see.

What I wouldn't give for the world to see me as they do, in my truest light. But then again, I suppose the true magic that a momma does possess wouldn't be magical at all. Not if the whole world saw it all.

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