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Casey Kopilchak

Country United States   - Minnesota 
Pequot Lakes


Casey is a log furniture craftsmen, freelance writer, and author who lives in the wild north of Minnesota. Many of his adolescent years were spent living in poverty; staring down homelessness, addiction, and violence. Now, these are the same people he fights (and writes) for; to lift them up and give them a voice. The river of his life never really joined the mainstream, and he enjoys thinking critically about many different issues of today.

Writing was his way out of the gruesome day-to-day life he saw, but also a tool to never forget. Even though he eventually graduated with a B.A. in creative writing, pain has always been the best teacher. A quote he had heard a long time ago sums it up pretty well. "You will learn much more in seven days of agony then you will in seven years of contentment."

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