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William Brown

Country United States - Iowa 


My name:  William "WC" Brown


Christian, Sinner, Motion Picture Screenwriter with Twenty Plus Features, Shorts as well as Two Work-For Hire works completed.  I'm a Poet, Lyricist, Song Writer, Producer and Co-Owner of a small Production Company with locations in Des Moines, Iowa and Charleston, South Carolina.  I'm an Army Veteran battling End Stage Renal Failure requiring Kidney Dialysis three times per week, I'm also being treated for Leukemia (Cancer of the Blood), and I have a love of people, I mean.....all people, period!

My opinions will lean on the political side and while I'm a life long Democrat, I realize that this nation can only endure when all political parties work together for the common good of all.  Our very survival depends on Honesty, Truth, our individual and collective Faiths and the willingness to set aside constant Hate, Fear, Bigotry, Racism and the utilization of Political Affiliation by many to undermine the rule of law and cause divisiveness among us. 



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