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My name is Justin Sisson. I'm a 41 year old male born and raised in Southwest Detroit in 1978. I'm educated and well spoken and have had a fondness for literature since I was a child. Through my twenties and thirties I traveled the country taking in as much experience as I possibly could. Having written about my experiences to my friends, many of them suggested that I try my hand at writing professionally. I soon found myself writing whenever possible. Journalism and writing articles about subjects of personal interest soon became my hobby. Having took writing classes for my prerequisites in college only fueled my passion, inspiring me to create my own magazine as a place to collect all of my articles of special interest. In college, my writing professor was a published author herself. Having published three books already and having a couple more in the works, I took a personal interest and had decided to"pick her brain." The notes that she had offered me would prove to be priceless. She presented me with not only a logical and enjoyable format, but she also provided me with a bit of a challenge. Introducing me to the standard rules of professional writing. It was then that I purchased my first writers desk reference. Since then I have changed my major and I'm now pursuing my bachelor's degree in communications and broadcast journalism. 

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