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Jeff Hall is a print guy and proud of it. 

He started as an editorial intern at the Kansas City Star and spent ten years at that paper, rising to VP Marketing, overseeing advertising sales, circulation, marketing research and promotion. 

After spending a year in Washington, DC as a White House Fellow, Hall joined the Los Angeles Times, where he was named president of the Valley and Ventura County Editions. 

In 1991, Hall went out on his own and started the Brentwood News, a community newspaper serving the Brentwood section of West Los Angeles. Over the next several years, Hall added more titles, grouping them beneath the banner of WestsideToday (see 

In 2008-2009, when the economy fell apart, Hall decided to shift gears and finally join the digital parade. Hall and several traditional media colleagues joined forces with a small army of student interns and built THE LATEST (, the new news and information site you are visiting today.

"We think THE LATEST is the best news aggregator ever built," says Hall, "and we have some very exciting plans in the works."

Hall says the site -- which is completely neutral when it comes to politics -- combines old-fashioned journalistic values with modern-day tools, paving the way for a new kind of community newspaper that is digital in nature and global in scope. 

Hall is a Stanford grad (BA, communication) and a Harvard MBA.



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