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Jeff Hall is a newspaper guy and proud of it.

He started as an editorial intern at the Kansas City Star and spent ten years at that paper, rising to VP Marketing, overseeing advertising sales, circulation, marketing research and promotion. 

After spending a year in Washington, DC as a White House Fellow, a nonpartisan public policy leadership development program, Hall joined the Los Angeles Times as vice president of marketing services.

He was later named first president of the San Fernando Valley Edition. He then led a team that started the Ventura County Edition (and he was president of that edition, as well). 

In 1991, Hall went out on his own and started the Brentwood News, a community newspaper serving the Brentwood section of West Los Angeles. Here's a link: 

Over time, eight titles were started under the banner of Westside Today. 

In 2008-2009, when the economy fell apart and it became increasingly clear print was in decline, Hall decided to shift gears and join the digital parade.

Hall and several traditional media colleagues joined forces with a small army of student interns and built THE LATEST (, a news aggregator that's completely neutral when it comes to politics.

Hall also hosts a podcast:

Hall and members of "Team Latest" are now building a second site, OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION ( that will launch in late 2021. 

OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION will showcase news, opinions, citizen-generated public policy solutions from across the political spectrum. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Independents, Libertarians -- all will be welcome at

"Our goal is to get America talking again, with a focus on nonpartisan solutions, not finger-pointing," said Hall.

In addition to news and opinion, will include a platform that enables citizens to upload their proposals for how to make America a better country.  There is a strong Gen Z, "future leaders of America" aspect to ONC.

Here's a 2.5-minute video that gives an overview:

OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION can be repurposed so it can be used in other countries -- or city-by-city.

Hall is a Stanford grad (BA, communication) and a Harvard MBA.

You can reach Hall via email: [email protected]



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