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Nick Englehart

Country United States - California


Education: Ohio University, BFA in Playwriting with Minors in Philosophy and Political Science.

Nick Englehart is a Writer that has recently relocated to the Los Angeles Area. He has at this moment never achieved anything of note but is hoping to remedy that posthaste. Involved in politics from an early age his passion for change and a greater world has driven him into a career of writing. Whereat the very least, he can pretend things are getting better. He is engaged to his girlfriend of three years with no immediate plans for a ceremony. Together they are enjoying their new apartment along with their Roomba Kevin.

Nick is excited for an opportunity to bring his viewpoint to The Latest and to learn from the wide variety of well informed and contagious ideas held therein. His heroes are David Sedaris, John Stewart, and of course his mother which have all informed his work equally. He has also told me personally that he really hopes you enjoy his writing.

Opinion , Top Stories , entertainment , States , sports , lifestyle , extra , MyLocal , crypto , hottopics , others , Federal , breakingnews , Just In .


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