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Philip Fairbanks: author, herbalist and entrepreneur raised in Outskirtsofnowhere, Tennessee. Philip has been referred to as an eccentric genius (and many other things, but he likes to focus on the positive) and is so busy being insulated by the loop he can’t even see the box he’s now outside of. His works range from cultural commentary to outlandish conspiranoid theorizing and many flavors of rantings and ravings between these two points.

Philip was entered into the academic record (thank you SUNY art journal, Afterimage!) before he was able to legally drink (that didn’t stop him then and unluckily hasn’t stopped him since) from then on he’s
managed to stay propped up in various publications on three continents like (the late, great) GetUnderground & Kotori, Ghettoblaster magazine, Antipodean SF, Copperfield Review, Paranoia magazine, Delusions of Adequacy, Britain’s White Chimney literary journal, Corpina, Nerdbot, The Inquisitr, New Noise magazine and many others. Though he no longer writes for Delusions of Adequacy he occasionally still suffers from such.

Pet passions and interests include music, art, literature, the underground and alternative, various subculture and counterculture scenes, comic books, horror movies, pulps and Lovecraft. Recently banished from Burbank after trying to become known as the second Douglas Fairbanks in Hollywood (if only by a technicality) Philip is a social media manager, outreach coordinator and content creator for various ethnobotanical and wellness related sites.

He is also author of the book Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia, has a second book being edited and a third in the works. 

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