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Welcome to, the World’s New Homepage
  • Trust in media – especially online news – is at an all-time low. We’re all drowning in information and much of this information we question. The need to sort through all the political spin, pop-up ads, fake news, click-bait headlines and ads disguised as news has made it difficult to find the information we really want, from sources we trust.

  • Sometimes, when things get bad enough – as we believe they have in the case of online news and information – that sorry state of affairs can provide the inspiration needed to get us back on a path toward positive change.

  • For several years now, some traditional media professionals have been brainstorming with some young Internet gurus and some very bright student interns from all around the world, seeking out a better way to present online news and information. The result of this R&D effort is THE LATEST (

  • THE LATEST is simultaneously fresh, innovative and exciting – and yet reassuringly old-fashioned. We believe there is a real hunger for a news and information site that’s comprehensive, easy to use – and completely impartial.

  • Better than any site we know, THE LATEST makes it really easy to keep up with it all. In an increasingly complex world, we make things simple again.

  • On any topic that’s in the news today, we give you everything you want – stories, photos, videos, social media commentary, opinion – all in one place.

  • We focus only on the last 24 hours, presenting news and information only from the best sources. We understand today’s “need for speed” – and the need to get it right.

  • THE LATEST has NO political agenda. We give you news and opinion (“THE LATEST THINKING”) from a wide variety of sources and voices – liberal, moderate and conservative. It’s up to you to figure out what to make of all this.

  • You can personalize your experience: You can save articles, set up standing searches, check out news from different cities and zero in on “the latest” from the writers and sources you admire most.

  • It’s time, as a society, we started talking to one another again. THE LATEST will make it easy to engage in intelligent, lively and civil conversations with other members of our community.

  • Though our values sound old-fashioned, we completely embrace the potential offered by the new technologies. If we are to truly remain “the latest,” we must always be evolving. Done right, we can always be the latest.

  • One thing won’t change: At THE LATEST, users will always come first. We won’t irritate you with spam, political bias, click-bait and the like. We also won’t invade your privacy. We built a site WE wanted to use – and we think you’ll like it, too.

  • THE LATEST is a world-class brand in the making and we now seek friends, writers, strategic partners, advertisers and financial backers who will support our mission: To keep things simple and remain completely neutral.

  • We invite you to become a co-owner in this quest for simplicity, civility, intelligence and neutrality. Check out our crowdfunding campaign: www.____________.

  • Together we can make “The World’s New Home Page.”

Jeff Hall,
Jeff Hall, when it’s time to raise money or tend to other serious business.
Jeff Hall,
Jeff Hall, when it’s time to work on the site or write THE LATEST THINKING about something.

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